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Fings For Fido - A Monthly Goody Box Of All Things Canine

Author: Fings For Fido
Posted: Monday 10th September, 2012

Fings For Fido goodie box

Fings For Fido goodie box

Fings For Fido is an exciting new subscription service launching this autumn. Aimed at dog owners and caregivers it provides a box of all things canine delivered straight to your dog/s.

Fings For Fido logoThe concept isnt new but the target audience certainly is! Pay a monthly subscription and you will be sent a box of between 4 -8 paw-picked canine goodies, from grooming products, to treats, toys, training aids and all manner of essentials and must haves every month!

Run exclusively by canines for canines, Fings For Fido knows how to get it just right. One of the founders of Fings For Fido, a slightly aloof Irish Setter called Red explains the Companys origins.

Quite frankly, myself and some close associates became frustrated with our humans bringing home the same boring rubbish that appealed more to them than us! They didnt have a clue if what theyd bought was even any good for us, they just didnt know where the new and really fun, cutting edge products were. It was at this point we felt they really needed our guidance, so we put the things we liked best into boxes and sent them to our best doggy mates. It was an instant hit! We knew we had to extend this to incorporate all of our canine brothers and sisters, so now any frustrated Fido can receive a box of surprises every month.

Fings For Fido collects products and samples from all over, any company, any source and were not restricted by suppliers. This way we ensure only the stuff we really like goes in the boxes. We are never obliged to give a product the wag if we dont love it. What this means to you fellow canines, is you can rest assured that whatever arrives in your Fings For Fido box it will always be the latest must have at the park or training class.

You may also like to know that 10% of the profits from EVERY subscription goes to support the Hounds For Heroes charity.

16.99 for a monthly subscription.

Contact Yvonne Siggemann on +44 (0) 1932 429538

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