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Help Us Help Your Pets With The Astonlee Accident Or Illness Plan

Posted: Monday 17th October, 2005

When your pet suffers an injury or illness, wouldnt it be nice to know that Astonlee can help to take away the worry of a large unexpected bill? Money is the last thing you want to worry about when your pet has been rushed into the hospital. With this plan, Astonlee will pay for all treatment, drugs, hospital care for any incident of sickness or accident to a maximum value of 500.00 per condition. It does exclude whelping, neutering, prescription diets, individual cremation and pre-existing conditions. Conditions reaching the cost level of 500 are excluded from future claims as a pre-existing condition, and are no longer covered if they recur. This Plan does not cover any work outside of Astonlee Veterinary Surgery. All you pay is the first 25 for each condition and any out of hours fee or our visit charges if you do not visit the surgery during normal hours. How well does this plan work? I hear you ask. For an example, my cat Elmo is 4 years old and I would pay 1.43 a week to the plan. The plan really is not expensive at all: its less than a bag of potatoes. In January, he suffered from a urinary tract disorder, which meant he had crystals in his bladder, which was preventing him from passing urine. This is quite a common disorder in cats. The vet bill would have come to about 150, but on the plan it costs only 25. Thats a saving of 125, which was very good especially as it was just after Christmas. Its far easier to find 25 than hundreds of pounds. Another example would be Toby my 7 year old small cross breed dog. The plan would cost just 1.68 per week. Lumps can be quite worrying because it is difficult to know whether they are cancerous, but are quite easy to ignore when funds are limited. Especially as dogs dont always seem to be bothered by them. However if the lump is cancerous the longer it is left the worse it can get. On the plan I could get a lump removed and tested all for 25 instead of the bill coming to between 300 and 500, a saving of 275 to 475. This plan takes away a lot of the worry connected to pet ownership, and helps your pets stay fit and healthy. Please phone or pop in and ask our reception about the Astonlee accident or illness plan. Give your pet a brighter future. Wendy mason, VN, Nurse team Leader. Calicivirus (a type of cat flu) is a real and quite common threat to the health of cats, so annual vaccination is really important to protect against the commonest strains of the virus. We have seen an increasing number of cases over the past year. A very serious form of cat flu has emerged which starts off with ulcers on the tongue, but progresses to liver failure, jaundice, abdominal fluid and death within 5-7 days. Several outbreaks have occurred in the USA, and we are sure we have seen about 10 cases here at Astonlee in the past 12 months. This particular strain has not yet been overcome with new vaccine technology, but your cats really do need all the protection they can get from the flu viruses. Ask your vet for the latest vaccinations for your cats.

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