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Client testimonials

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We were distraught just after we came home from holidays to find that Fleck our fabulous springer spaniel had done her cruciate ligament.

She is such a good retriever - her brother is an amazing beater and the pair of them are invaluable and also gorgeous house pets.

We talked to our own vet, and the choices were many – they recommended invasive surgery with foreign matter being implanted.

We were not comfortable with this – it goes against what they do with humans

Anyway we trolled the internet and came up with Paul Manning.

What a find ……he talked our language, had years of experience and performed this operation using the dogs tissue and not importing foreign matter.

This was such a great decision – Steve my partner talked to him for ages, we felt sufficiently re assured that we didn’t even need to see him until we took Fleck in for the operation.

As they say the rest is history.

Everything was managed so well and professionally – she is now fully restored to rude health and back on shoots just as good as ever.

Paul recommended hydrotherapy after the three months was up, but I took her swimming in the Thames all summer!

This was the final icing on the cake (see below) – she loved it and it has made her so strong.

If you ever have a cruciate ligament problem please go to Paul – he is amazing!

Thanks Paul


Post Script

Guess what almost a year to the day, she went lame again on the same leg.

The leg was very swollen and she was really off colour.

In fear and trepidation I went to see Paul today – but after an x ray he confirmed the cruciate is still really strong and the current problem is a hairline fracture further down the leg, with severe bruising causing the swelling – but nothing that Metacam and a month on lead walks won’t cure!

Again an enormous thanks Paul.


In December 2011, Carrie our six year old chocolate labrador, developed a severe limp in her back leg. Despite anti-inflammatories and a week of complete rest, her improvement was only marginal and subsequently our local vet diagnosed a cruciate ligament tear. We took the 'wait and see' approach, hoping Carrie would recover without surgery, but another six weeks passed and she was still lame. Reluctantly, we decided that surgery was the only option, but were unwilling to put Carrie through invasive bone sawing surgery with its inherent risks and (even worse!) an extended period of crate confinement. After days and nights scouring the internet, we discovered Paul Manning's procedure, and we knew that this was the route we wanted to take.


By the time Carrie saw Paul Manning, her cruciate had completely ruptured, and he performed surgery at the beginning of February. As bad luck would have it, Carrie developed a different health problem (unrelated to surgery), and spent the next few days in a local vet hospital with a a serious bladder stone problem. There was a lot of lifting, handling and turning involved, and (just to complete the miserable picture!) we had to walk Carrie, slipping and sliding, to and from the car in snow and ice. We were extremely worried that the cruciate repair might fail, but thankfully the knee remained stable. The three months' strict lead walking was a bit of a challenge but Carrie adapted well. Here we are now, almost six months down the line, and Carrie is able to run, play and chase her beloved football again. Only the other day, she jumped over a style - not because she needed to, but because she could! Carrie has been given her life back, and we are overjoyed.


Our sincere gratitude goes to Paul Manning and his nursing staff for the excellent way they cared for Carrie. Throughout her recovery, Paul took a keen interest in how she was doing, and his ongoing support meant a lot to us. His kindness, professionalism and reassuring manner made what was a grim situation more bearable. Thank you Paul.


 "Thank you so much for all the help and support you have given us & Jazz throughout the years. Your kindness helped us through... Also thanks to all the nurses and Receptionists who have been so kind..." Family M.

"..You're so sensitive to the feelings of others that you're a comfort and a joy to be around...The card says it all. Thanks for all your kindness shown.." Mr and Mrs S.

"When my second sense told me what was the matter with Henry I researched megaoesophagus on the Internet and came up with the name of Astonlee Vet Surgery. I rang them in desperation. To my amazement Paul, the Principal, actually rang me back concerned and interested. He was sensitive, caring and explained everything in detail. I did not for once feel worried about Henry as I knew he was in good hands. Astonlee were friendly, kind and had time for me and Henry and without them, today, Henry would not be the happy, lively, loved dog he is. Thank you all so much." (Pictures 9 & 10 in our photo gallery show before and after photos of Henry).

"...thank you all for your kindness and understanding during the past 10 years, you have always been there at the end of the phone with kind words and always a smile when we came in. We never had any problems bringing Rosie to see you all, she was always glad to come, in fact she always ran in, but when we took her to the beauty palour we had to drag her. Funny little thing we miss her so much...." S & K

"To all the nurses and staff who cared for Tinity so well, and a very special THANK YOU for Claire and Paul, who made it possible for me to bring Trinity home today" R & D

"A big thank-you for the excellent care and attention you have given Holly over the past 10 days. The chocolates are just a small token of our appreciation. You are all wonderful!"

"We have been clients of your practice for over 20 years and have always been very pleased with the service given. Over the last 10 days your staff have excelled in their treatment and care given to Holly and we have already dropped a note in to thank them (above). This letter is just to let you personally know how much we appreciate the care given by your dedicated staff. You seem to have put together a very effective team and should be very proud of them. Whilst not really wanting to highlight individuals we must say a special thank you to Claire and Caroline. We understand Caroline even took her sleeping bag to the ward and spent the night with Holly. That is dedication to duty. Once again thank you very much for your help." Mr & Mrs C.

"We would just like to say thank you to everybody for what they done to try and save our Sooty, who will be so sadly, sadly missed...." Mr K and family.

"....He was treated with respect and that's so important to us...."
M & J

"We would just like to thank you all for your outstanding treatment and helpful advice for the care of our gerbills....over the last 8 months. Your recent compassion and sympathy at the end was deeply appreciated...." C & S

"Thank you to everyone for the gentleness and patience with which my cat...was retrieved from the car park on Monday, when she accidentally escaped...."GW

"Thank you very much for all your help & support with Solo. Solo is my life & soul thanks to you I have my baby back..." Family W

"During all the crisis with Doulton we were put at ease that the outstanding money would not restrict his care and Pauline, Gary, Jenny and all the staff at Astonlee really helped us through what was a nightmare. We have cleared the bill in total with no interest charges and still have the full support of all at Astonlee. Many Many Thanks to Paul and the Team." Lance & sue (A testimonial from Astonlee Plan clients with up to £500 of treatment cover)

"When Casper, my white Boxer dog, first started to limp, we suspected perhaps a thorn or some other foreign body had lodged in his hind foot. Being a young dog we did not for one minute think beyond this simple explanation for the cause of his temporary walking problem.

Two weeks on and still no sign of improvement, we took Casper along to see the veterinary Surgeon, Paul manning in Newport Pagnell; Casper’s consultant since he left the protection of the whelping cage aged 8 weeks.

Even before examining Casper, Paul had a very good idea what was causing the now pronounced limp. The examination proved his initial diagnosis; a possible break or fraying of the cruciate ligament, which meant (unfortunately for Casper) an operation to mend the offending soft tissue injury/defect.

Paul opted for a procedure that has been around since the fifties; a less invasive surgery using part of the patient’s own tissue to repair the damage. To date, Casper has been the unfortunate victim to have had the problem in both rear legs, but thanks to the skill and method used, Casper has gone on to live a full, active and extremely energetic life style.

Casper is now coming up to his tenth birthday. His legs are perhaps stronger now than they were seven years ago before surgery."

- Cruciate Ligament Repair Testimonial


Message from a dog who had been lame.
My name is TAZI. I am a 12 year old Border Collie, and boy do I love life. I can run and keep up with the young ones, I play, climb and enjoy myself. I just had a week’s holiday in the Lake District, and did a lot of climbing up steep rocky fells and slopes. I really did well, so my mum said. And listen to this : I’ve had 2 new back legs, one when I as about 8 years old, the other 1 year later when I was about 9 years old.
Cruciate I think they are called. Anyway, my vet Dr Paul Manning is so good at it he sorted me out and now I am good as new with my 2 new legs my mum will always be grateful to him.
Anyway, thanks for listening.
Bye for now,
Oct 2008.



We are so grateful to Paul Manning and all the staff at Aston Lee. Our 15 year old cat has had a very tough year with digestive problems and some arthritis in her hips and one knee. The arthritis was making her limp quite badly and Paul suggested a course of acupuncture might be helpful for her. Since the treatment has finished she has stopped limping, is able to jump much more easily and even plays at times, something she hasn’t wanted to do for a while. The acupuncture has resulted in a big improvement in her quality of life, including an improvement in her digestive condition. We are so glad to see our cat looking and feeling so much better. K and R    December 2013.


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