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PDSA Pet Aid

Pdsa pet aid

PDSA Pet Practice Service : key message is 'don't wait until it's too late.  If you are eligible, register on the scheme now while you are thinking about it.'  It is your responsibility to choose and register for a service that suits you, your pet, and your financial situation. 

Telephone our reception on 01908 611637 so we can help you.

Between 5 and 10 people come to us every day having previously registered on the PDSA scheme, and they receive help.

On the other hand about 10 people telephone us every day asking for help when they have no money and have not registered either with Astonlee or with the PDSA Pet Aid scheme at Astonlee.  We want to reduce that number of people by encouraging you to register when your pet is healthy so we can help you when your pet needs us.

PDSA is a charitable veterinary service, caring for the pets of people in need as well as promoting responsible pet ownership through a UK wide network of 51 Pet Hospitals and around 380 Pet Practice Services (contracted private practices).

In smaller towns and communities where PDSA does not have a Pet Hospital, PDSA works with local private veterinary practices to provide charitable veterinary services to pet owners receiving means tested benefits.

Astonlee Vet Hospital provides this service for pet owners living in the following postcode areas : MK1-MK16.

Help us to help you.  You'll need to register your pet with PDSA before you can access funded treatment at our practice.

So call in to our reception at Astonlee Vet Hospital or go to for more information about how we can help you care for your pet.


There is considerable confusion amongst pet owners about how this scheme works, so please read this carefully.  The scheme is run by Astonlee in partnership with the PDSA, and is funded mostly by the donations that the PDSA receives, and is helped along by the commitment of Astonlee which is an entirely private veterinary practice.  There is no Government funding for this or any other scheme, because it is the responsibility of pet owners to provide for their own pets and nobody else has that responsibility.


The PDSA PetAid Scheme has been in place at Astonlee since 2007.  The practice waited patiently for 20 years before the PDSA offered to work in partnership with Astonlee to provide a service to those animals with owners who are in need and are on housing or council tax benefits.  The area covered by the scheme is between the postcodes MK1 and MK16.

The scheme is a REGISTRATION scheme which means that the service is available to all those clients who have registered on the scheme before their pet (one pet allowed per household) becomes ill or has an accident.  PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU CANNOT REGISTER ON THIS PDSA SCHEME VIA THIS WEBSITE : YOU HAVE TO REGISTER BY FILLING IN FORMS AND DELIVERING THEM TO OUR RECEPTION DESK.

Once you have registered your pet, you need to renew your registration every 6 months unless told otherwise, and if you allow your registration on this scheme to lapse by failing to complete your renewal forms then you cease to be on the scheme until you have registered again.  This means it is really important for you to keep your registration renewed (if you are still eligible) or otherwise you have to pay our normal practice fees yourself.

The scheme provides free treatment for illness and accident for one pet per household provided they are registered before the illness or accident.  Many families are benefiting from this scheme, some with severe financial difficulties and other problems, so please ensure that if you are eligible or you know someone who would benefit from the scheme, please get these pets registered before it's too late.  Many clients telephone asking for help without first being registered, so to avoid disappointment please register by telephoning the reception team and asking for the blue forms and instructions.

This really is a great scheme for our local community.

Approximately 300 families/households are being helpd by this scheme at any one time.  People who are benefiting from the scheme include people with disabilities/being restricted to a wheelchair, families who have found themselves on hard times after losing a previously held job from which they have been made redundant, some people with health problems that have developed and prevented them from working, and some pensioners who are having to claim council or housing benefit.  For many people in these situations (provided they meet the PDSA criteria of being on housing or council tax benefit which keeps the scheme rules simple) having help for the pet they love and is part of their family is really important to them.

If you are not eligible to join this scheme, you could and should consider joining our Astonlee Plan which is a prepayment scheme where you can pay from between about £1.25 per week and £5 per week to register one or more pets on the Astonlee Plan which then gives you easy access to the services at Astonlee (terms and conditions apply).



The PDSA PetAid scheme provides financial aid for clients who receive housing or council tax benefits. Clients must live between MK1 to MK16 to be eligible. Only 1 pet per household may be registered. To apply for the scheme, an appointment for a health check must be made which costs £25.02. The registration process takes 4-6 weeks and until registration is complete, veterinary treatment will be charged as normal. Pre-existing conditions are not covered by the PDSA and preventative treatment (neutering, vaccinations, flea and worming treatment etc) is not included. Once registered, each consultation id free of charge during the period 9am-5pm Monday – Friday, but at ALL other times clients on this scheme have to pay our normal practice fees. Out of hours treatment is NOT covered by the PDSA scheme. PDSA PetAid is a charity run scheme and we urge clients using the scheme to pay a donation to the PDSA towards each treatment.

We expect clients who are benefiting from this scheme to purchase their vaccinations, wormers and flea treatments from Astonlee so that we can keep these pets in as good health as possible, and we advise that if pets have a flea dermatitis for example which could have been prevented by flea treatment purchased from Astonlee, the treatment will have to be paid for in the normal way paying our normal practice fees.



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