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Staff intro

All our staff are highly trained and are always on hand to give advice on any matter you are concerned about.

The practice has employed up to about 15 school pupils at any one time in part-time, after school or weekend, jobs around the surgery. They are a very useful part of our team in caring for the animals, and they gain an insight into what providing a caring veterinary service is all about in the real world. 3 of our young people have gone on to Vet School to study to become veterinary surgeons, and many others have trained as veterinary nurses.

If you are interested in working at our practice, please contact the surgery.

The practice employs 8-10 nurses. They do a lot of work behind the scenes so this will give you an overview of what they do. Find out more information about individual nurses here  We also have 4 Animal Care Assistants (ACA's) who provide valuable support to our team caring for the patients in our out of hours work with in patients and emergencies, as well as some duties during the normal daytime when they keep up to date and enhance their work by working with the full team during some specific daytime periods designed to produce cohesion in the work of the whole team.

Surgical Procedures

When your pet comes in for surgery, you may have a theatre nurse admit your pet. After you leave they will take your pet through to the Prep. Room. At this point they take bloods for pre anaesthetic testing (providing you have requested this), place catheters and make sure any premeds are given to make sure your pet is settled and ready for their anaesthetic. The nurse will settle your pet into a kennel and then set up for the operation. This involves checking the oxygen and anaesthetic machines and gathering any equipment that will be needed. They cuddle your pet whilst they fall asleep, assist the vet in intubating and then clip and prepare the surgical site.

While the vet is operating, the nurse is monitoring the anaesthetic. Once finished, they monitor your pet as they come round giving comfort and support. Once back in a warm kennel, they are monitored throughout the rest of their stay, by the kennel nurse, and will be offered food and water. The kennelnurse will also make sure you have everything you need to care for your pet during their recovery at home. The theatre nurse will clear up after the operation and set up ready for the next patient. Once all the operations are completed, they thoroughly clean the theatres and Prep room ready for the next surgical procedure whether routine or emergency.

Hospital Patients

Once your pet is admitted for care, they will be taken out the back and any treatment will be given. The nurse will assist in this, prepare a kennel and then settle your pet. The nurse will monitor your pet throughout their stay and give regular updates to the vet in charge, medicate, feed and water, clean, exercise and give them cuddles and attention. The nurse will keep you updated if the vets become busy and will take you through to visit your pet if you wish do do so. (The only time we must be careful about visiting is if there is a potentially infectious disease involved. The nurse must barrier nurse this case to prevent spread of infection so visiting is on a case by case basis.)


Every day the nurses are available for any questions and give preventative health care advise. They run weight, dental, puppy and kitten clinics plus many more. They clip claws, trim small animals teeth, change bandages, microchip your pet and do most things you can think of and even some you can't think of. See our section on Nurse Clinics for further information.


The nurse team prepare your medication and repeat prescriptions. (see telephone list for our direct dial number).
The nurses run tests on blood, urine, and any other samples. If we cannot test them in house, we send them to one of our specialist laboratories.
The gaps in our day are filled with keeping the place hygienic and tidy, making sure all stock is available and in date and just generally keeping the place organised. We also spend some time working on the Reception desk.
Displays are changed on a regular basis, and if you're lucky, your pet may be chosen as "pet of the month" which is always fun for us to argue over.
The nurse team have ongoing training so that clients can take advantage of the most up to date and best advice.
Vets will usually take a nurse along on their visits to assist them will all sorts of things.
If you have an emergency out of hours, one of the nurses may assist the vet in providing treatment, surgery and care for the night.

Do see our section on Nurse Clinics for further information

Recruitment at Astonlee Veterinary Hospital


From time to time employment opportunities arise in the following sections:


MRCVS - veterinary surgeons

RVN – Registered Veterinary Nurses

SVN – Student Veterinary Nurses

ACA – Animal Care Assistants – usually night work

Receptionists – full or part time.


If you wish to be considered for a position, or wish us to hold your details on file pending a suitable vacancy, please submit your CV with covering letter to

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