Communication during Coronavirus and beyond...

So much is changing with the way businesses operate - not only because of the COVID19 pandemic that has meant companies need to get creative with ideas for staying afloat and offering services, but also just as the modern world takes hold. There are a plethora of digital methods and social media channels to keep up to date with and communicate via, that for a long established veterinary practice, we need to ensure we are able to operate amongst the latest technology too.


We make regular updates to our website and have found clients to mainly be responsive to it, using the information made available and purchasing items through the shop. We have recently added a new repeat prescriptions form that makes the process much simpler and keeps our phone lines free for appointments and emergencies. We also ensure our Facebook page is kept current and post important information here, so do make sure you follow us for the latest news and offers.


On the subject of sharing information, we want to be as transparent with our clients as possible and hope that you find us to be clear communicators when it comes to you and your pets welfare. We encourage you to contact us with any concerns or questions even during this uncertain time - we always want to hear from you!


It is important to ensure you fully understand everything your vet explains to you when discussing your pet and treatment. If you need something repeated or clarified then please don’t be embarrassed to ask. It is always better to ask again than to leave the practice uncertain - we are here to help, after all! 


Our Charter of Service is available on the website and this lists our facilities, services and details around how we work. This is another way in which we want to be open with our clients and demonstrate where we are improving and updates that we have made. You will also find lots of information on the website for animal care and certain procedures for you to learn about in your own time.


We are trying to satisfy all our clients’ wishes and communicate as appropriately as possible. Some people prefer face to face discussions, others are happy to source information via the website or social media and others like to phone. However, in these strange times, our face to face contact is obviously limited and even talking on the phone is more strained due to the high demand of queries and lower staff levels at times. So do bear with us and know that we are making regular updates to the website and social channels as often as we can to keep you all in the loop.


If you have any suggestions or would like to discuss our lines of communication further then feel free to email us at 

We wish you safety and sanity at the moment, and hope to hear from you soon.


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