Easter Bunnies!

It's coming round to that time of year where we all love to celebrate the cute and cuddly bunny, but please do not succumb to temptation and purchase a rabbit as an Easter gift!

Whilst rabbits can make lovely pets, they require a lot of care and understanding to look after them correctly. They are not always the 'child friendly' pet people assume they are.

We really encourage that you think long and hard before ever buying anyone a live pet as a gift, but especially a rabbit for Easter.

If you are genuinely considering buying a rabbit (we must insist you get 2 for company!) then please read our Guide to Getting a New Rabbit for information on their habitat, diet, preventative healthcare and environmental stimulation.

We are very proud of our Rabbit Friendly Award here at Astonlee Veterinary Hospital and look forward to seeing you and your bunnies soon!

rabbit handout 2