Fly Strike Season

Fly strike, also known as 'myiasis', occurs when a fly lays eggs on your rabbit, which then hatch into maggots. Unfortunately, this conditions is an emergency as these maggots can hatch in hours and eat your rabbits flesh, causing death in a very short time. If you notice any signs of maggots on your rabbit, bring them into the practice immediately.

Prevention is much better than cure in this condition, and between the months of April till October we advice you to apply RearGuard to your rabbit rear end every 10 weeks. We also recommend checking your rabbits bottom twice daily and keeping the area clean as dirty bottoms will attract far more flies. Keep their environment clean, and remove any soiled bedding daily.

If your rabbit has an unusually dirty bottom, it may be worth a visit to the vet. This can occur for a number of reasons, including a change in diet, digestive upset, arthritis, obesity, and many more.