How We Have Helped: We're Still Here!

We know there is a lot of scary and negative press around at the moment amidst the COVID19 pandemic. Whilst this is often informative, it can also be overwhelming and cause additional worries and anxiety amongst some of the public.

At Astonlee, we are still here to support you and your pets. It isn’t always easy having to work with reduced team numbers, turn non-urgent cases away and have covert handing-over of pets in the car-park (!) but we wouldn’t have it any other way; whilst we are still able to work and care for your pets, we will.

There are countless examples of kind, warm, heartfelt, inspiring and uplifting cases we have seen during this climate which restores the faith a little bit. However, we have picked just a few of the ways in which we have helped your pets below, and hopefully reading them will reassure you if you ever need us at the moment that you are still in very safe hands. 

We are ensuring that our insurance process is as seamless as ever so that unexpected veterinary bills don’t add to the additional worry of having a sick pet in uncertain financial times.

We are taking telephone medicine orders and delivering them as safely as possible to clients to reduce stress around coming to the clinic – particularly for those in the more vulnerable categories.

We are offering consults discussing issues more vigorously on the phone to help put owners’ minds at rest and reducing the need for practice visits.  We are also launching our new video consultation service which you can access if you have a smart phone by clicking on the QR code soon to appear on our website.

Our fabulous team are deep cleaning the practice regularly to provide a safe and sterile environment for staff and pets.

Amongst all of this, we have still seen and assisted many cases including a dog who has an invasive tumour. The family were, understandably devastated, but we were still able to provide a care plan and allow the owners to take control of the quality of life and decisions along the way.

We have drained various abscesses, soothed itchy skin, eased urinary infections, arranged referral to a specialist when animals have had seemingly uncontrollable seizures, performed emergency dental work and many more.

We have also been maintaining our own 24 hour emergency services with our own team which has benefited critically ill patients with for example diabetes, and relieved suffering in terminally ill patients who have sometimes also been in pain.  

So, please, do know that we are here and ready to help should you need it. We will be following government and regulatory body guidance and will update you on any developments that may occur.

Take care and stay safe.

The Astonlee Team.