Astonlee Staff Team


Bill, Clinical Director

Bill is our Clinical Director who has recently joined Astonlee. Bill has previously worked in a busy 24-hour veterinary hospital, and has a strong interest in internal medicine and clinical pathology. Bill loves solving clinical problems, and getting to know his clients and patients.

Outside of work Bill enjoys gaming, woodwork / joinery, and puzzle solving.


Abi, Vet Surgeon

Abi qualified from the University of Liverpool in 2018 and joined the team at Astonlee in January 2022. She is particularly interested in oncology and behaviour.

Outside of work Abi loves spending time with her three rescue guinea pigs, Peppercorn, Dandelion and Willow and attempts various craft projects including cross stitch, felting and painting.


Tiffany, Vet Surgeon

Tiffany qualified from Royal Veterinary College in 2022 and joined the Astonlee team in September. Tiffany enjoys all aspects of her job including meeting our clients and takes particular interest in surgery.

At home, Tiffany has a domestic long hair cat called Fluffy who is 16 years old. Outside of work, Tiffany enjoys exploring ideas around spirituality and listening to heavy metal.


Simone, Head Nurse

Sim joined Astonlee in 2000 and qualified in 2004, before becoming Head Nurse in 2005. She completed the Advanced Diploma in Small Animal Nursing in 2013. She likes variety in her work, with a range of interests including ferrets, surgical and medical care.

She raises a lot of funds for charity with her horse Chester by completing sponsered rides in her spare time. 


Rachel, Registered Veterinary Nurse

Rachel joined in 2008 as an Animal Care Assistant, before joining the nurse team in 2010. She qualified in 2013 before becoming a clinical coach to help with the training of future Vet Nurses. She has particular interests in dental care and rabbit nursing.

Rachel has a dog called Penny, cat called Sheldon and a tortoise called Leonard.


Claire, Registered Veterinary Nurse

Claire qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2013 and joined the team at Astonlee in March 2022 after taking a career break to have her two children. She has an interest in medical nursing and is currently studying for a degree in Environmental Sciences.

She has a cat and a dog both coincidentally called Dolly. In her spare time she enjoys long walks with her dog and children.


Megan, Registered Veterinary Nurse

Megan qualified in 2017 from the College of Animal Welfare after being a student for 2 years and joined the Astonlee team in March 2022. Megan has an interest in anaesthesia and post operation care.

At home, Megan has two cats called Luna and Peaches and a rabbit called Patrick.


Shellie, Registered Veterinary Nurse

Shellie qualified in 2014 at Astonlee and then moved on to gain experience at several other practices including out of hours. Shellie’s main interests are in medical nursing, laboratory work and she enjoys consulting.

She left full time nursing in 2018 to have her daughter and is very happy to have re-joined the team at Astonlee part time.


Jodie, Registered Veterinary Nurse

Jodie originally did her training at Astonlee, qualifying as a Veterinary Nurse in 2017 where she stayed until 2020, training other student nurses in the process. She then left in 2020, where she gained experience in a large multidisciplinary referral centre, gaining new skills and knowledge and finding a keen interest in cardiology. She moved back to Milton Keynes August 2022 and re-joined the Astonlee team. She is currently completing her top up degree in Veterinary Nursing to expand her knowledge further.

Outside of work she enjoys going to music festivals and gigs, walking and hiking and travelling to new places. 


Amelia, Student Veterinary Nurse

Amelia joined the Astonlee team in June 2021 as a receptionist and has recently started her student Veterinary Nursing training. Amelia finds learning about anaesthetics particularly interesting and is enjoying learning all about Veterinary Nursing.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her pets, she has 4 pugs called Coco, Nelly, Tinkerbell and Polly. She also enjoys going to the gym and spending time socialising with her friends and family.


Jess, Student Veterinary Nurse

Jess first started working with Astonlee back in February 2022 doing work experience while she was completing her BTEC course in Forensic science and criminal investigation. Jess joined the team permanently as a Patient Care Assistant in September 2022 once she completed her course, and became a Student Veterinary Nurse in January 2023. Since becoming a Student Veterinary Nurse, Jess has found that she really enjoys the variety of cases that come in and applying what she’s learned at college to practice.

At home, Jess has a rescue dog called Lilli who she brought with her from South Africa when she immigrated 6 years ago. Jess loves teaching her dog new tricks.


Rebecca, Receptionist

Rebecca joined Astonlee in 2018 and is on our reception team, after completing Level 2 in Animal Welfare. She is interested in genetic disorders associated with certain breeds of dog. 

She loves to spend time with her pets, she has 2 dogs called Henry and Dave, and 3 cats called Tinker, Charlie and Arya. She is looking forward to meeting all of you and your lovely pets.


Yvonne, Receptionist

Yvonne joined Astonlee in 2011. She had no previous experience of animal care, however she has enjoyed learning about animal welfare and the running of a Vet practice. She has made a lot of friends during her time here at Astonlee.

In her spare time she enjoys camping, holidays, swimming, reading and socialising with friends.


Jeni, Receptionist

Jeni first registered at Astonlee in 1997 with Layla, her Blue Merle Border Collie. Since then she has had other pets and pictured here is Gus, who is now 11 and a half and a special part of the family.

She started working at Astonlee in 2017 on Reception and has made lots of new friends in the team. Jeni enjoys speaking to our clients and getting to know their pets, she finds it it very rewarding.


Kelsi, Patient Care Assistant

Kelsi joined the Astonlee team in March 2022. She is currently studying towards a Level 3 in Small Animal Care and Welfare in hope to join the nursing team in the future.

At home she has 3 cats called Poppy, Priscilla and Posie and a French Bulldog called Pablo. She enjoys spending her free time with family and can’t wait to progress in her veterinary career.


Haider, Head of Dispensary

Haider joined the Astonlee team in March 2022 and comes from an agricultural background living in a village in Pakistan. Haider had pets there (dogs, cat, parrots, rabbit and chicken) and farm animals such as buffalo and goats. When Haider came to the UK, he started R-SQP studies so that he can work in the veterinary industry here and continue to serve animals. He likes the collaborative environment at Astonlee and enjoys the investigative work involved in managing the dispensary.

Outside of work, family is Haider’s priority. Haider has a daughter and likes spending most of his spare time with her and going on family holidays.


Zoe, Practice Manager

Zoe has been part of the Astonlee team since November 2017 working in both Administration and Reception. Zoe then became the Practice Manager in December 2021 and thoroughly enjoys managing the day to day running of the practice, working alongside and supporting the whole team to ensure that we can provide the best possible care to our clients and their pets.

At home she has lots of pets including dogs, a cat, parrots, guinea pigs and a tortoise. In her spare time, Zoe loves spending time with her family, friends and her pets, teaching her dogs new tricks and teaching her parrot new words.