Nutrition : the best diets for your pets

The health of your pet does depend at least in part on the food you feed them. 'You are what you eat' is a phrase which does have meaning, although there are obviously many other things that contribute to our own or our pet's health.

At Astonlee we have worked closely with Hills Nutrition for over 25 years because we believe the health benefits we have seen in many of our normal active patients as well as those who are ageing and many with various illnesses. Having the most appropriate diet can make all the difference to the health of your pet.

Quality of nutrition includes the proivision of all the essential ingredients (carbohydrates, fats, proteins and roughage) in the correct proportions, with the presence of small but essential elements such as minerals and omega 3 oils which help our bones, joints and other organs.

The quality of the ingredients especially the protein source is very important for the quality of the food, and this is one key reason why the cost of low quality food can be significantly less than high quality food.

In addition, Hills have created a new food called Vet Essentials which incorporates technology which uses a large centriguge to spin the food down so that all the fibres are aligned in the biscuit which makes the dog or cat have to bite all the way through the dried food before it breaks, and therefore the teeth are cleaned and kept healthier as a result.

The first of the special diets that I ever introduced to the practice was Hills Feline Kd which I recommended rather tentatively and sceptically to the first client with a cat with severe kidney problems. I and the owner were delighted that the cat lived anotyher 2 years, and the cat clearly must have heard us talking about the alternative of euthanasia if the cat did not eat the food because he enjoyed an extra 2 years of happy life that would almost certainly not have happened without the benefit of the special food.

Another case where diet was very helpful was a 46 kg labrador who was always haveing difficulty walking, with arthritis and needing pain killers. I managed to persuade the owner that buying a concept of 'thin air' was more beneficial; ie: I meant that buying weight loss was more effective than buying pain killers. Sure enough, the owner managed to get the dog to lose 6kg bodyweight on the Hills RD diet, and therefdter the dog did not only not need pain killers, but was much better at walking and running than he ever was being overweight and on the pain killers.

Many clients have seen many and varied benefits with these quality foods and diets, and as a very special offer for 6 months from June to December 2011, Astonlee is having a massive SALE with special offers on the prices of HILLS DIETS so that those who are buying it already can benefit more with cost savings, and those dog and cat owners who might like to try the Hills diets for the first time can have a significantly enhanced opportunity to see the benefits of buying these diets from Astonlee.

Our team has been well trained in advising on the best nutrition in ths comprehensive Hills range, so we hope you will take advantage of this service and our special offer.