Out Of Hours

The 24 hour services that we continue to provide at Astonlee are both a source of our quality and common sense service, and a source of pride for our team.

A survey of clients recently showed that many clients choose Astonlee because of the 24 hour services they can rely on being provided at the veterinary practice where they are registered, so they know who and where they can go in an emergency out of hours. They have that trust in the team looking after them and their pet because they have got to know them during daytime visits over the years. At Astonlee we also have access to our patient’s clinical notes day and night so we are aware of all previous clinical work for our patients. These are very important points when pet owners are facing traumatic situations and critically important decisions, often with very little time to make those decisions because these can be life and death situations.

In patient care is extremely important. At Astonlee we provide 24 hour care for our patients when they are in our RCVS accredited Veterinary Hospital. The care they need throughout the day and night is provided by our own team. This means that our patients do not have to be transported to other service providers out of hours which can add to the stress for the patient and the client.

The Astonlee team of vets, nurses, receptionists and administrators all believe that the best service includes that personal involvement, with the ability to know our clients and patients, be able to refer to their clinical notes at any time of day or night, and provide that caring service ourselves.

There are many people who find the concept of 24 hour service difficult to understand. This has got considerably more complicated with many challenges to keeping our professional skills up to date, the Regulations in the Working Time Directive, and other complications, but at Astonlee we have worked very hard to provide that personal care 24 hours a day in today’s world.

There are additional costs involved in providing these services, but pet insurance is widely available. Astonlee has been running our own ‘prepayment plan for accident and sickness’ for over 15 years, so there are ways of financing the veterinary care of your pet with a low monthly outgoing. It is important to make provision for your pet suffering an emergency out of hours because payment is required, and you need to be able to focus on the clinical and emotional decisions you face rather than having to worry about how you are going to pay your bill.

We realise that clients have a choice, and we hope that you will appreciate the strenuous efforts of our team providing that personal care for you and your pet 24 hours a day, and continue to choose us for your veterinary practice.

Dr Paul R. Manning, MA, VetMB, MSc(VetGP), DProf, MRCVS.