Pre Anaesthetic Blood Testing

We recommend a Pre Anaesthetic Blood Test for all our patients, but critically for those over 7 years of age. The aim of the blood test is to detect things that a full examination by the vet may not find. We test kidney function, liver function and other parameters that help us evaluate the health status of your pet. This allows us to tailor the anaesthetic protocol specifically to each patient, making sure they have the most appropriate drugs and closer observation and monitoring if required.

It may also help in the future when looking at changes over time. It provides a 'baseline' from which we can identify even early changes that may occur at a later date, therefore allowing us to identify any potential health conditions earlier, giving them the best chance.

A blood test that is 'normal' isn't a waste of money, it confirms your pet is healthy and gives us confidence that the risks of the anaesthetic have been fully assessed. #optYESforthetest