Rabbits and Flystrike

Spring and summer months are pleasant in many ways, but can be problematic for our rabbit companions. One thing to be mindful of is a condition called flystrike.

Flystrike is a nasty condition that affects animals where flies lay their eggs on another species. The eggs then hatch and the maggots will eat the flesh of the host. Rabbits are particularly susceptible in warmer conditions as they spend so much time outside, and as we approach May we need to be particularly vigilant as fly rates rapidly increase from here on in.

Therefore, we would like to invite you and your rabbit/s in to Astonlee for a health-check, vaccination and fur de-matting service to make them as comfortable as possible and put your mind at rest.

Please call us on 01908 611637 for more information about how to book this in and arrange this at the moment - we will still be complying with Coronavirus protocol.

Take care,

The Astonlee Team