What is SignVideo?

SignVideo is a free service for deaf clients who use British Sign Language (BSL).  You can use it to make a call to our veterinary practices and during a face to face appointment. This is done via video call with a SignVideo BSL interpreter.

To access the service you will need to have access to your own smartphone, laptop, PC or tablet with its own data. 

Simply click on the SignVideo practice link on the Contact Us page of our website or use the SignVideo App – below:

Click here to download the SignVideo app

Operating hours

The service is available in all CVS practices in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland:

8.00am – 6.00pm Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holiday

Please note that the SignVideo service operating hours may not cover all practice opening hours. Clients can check the opening hours on the practice website. SignVideo is an on–demand service, which is not pre-bookable.

Every effort will be made to answer video calls quickly, if there is simultaneous demand, there may be a waiting time.

MiNightVet – Emergency out of hours service

SignVideo is available in all MiNightVet sites (excluding Northern and Southern Ireland):

  • Monday – Friday 8.00pm – 8.00am
  • Weekends  Saturday 1.00pm – Monday 8.00a
  • Bank Holidays 24 hours

SignVideo equipment required and technical help

If you experience technical difficulties accessing SignVideo, please contact help@signvideo.co.uk

Equipment required

To use the SignVideo service, clients will need to check they meet the minimum system requirements:

  • A PC or MAC with webcam.
  • Browsers: Chrome (PC and Mac), Firefox (PC and Mac), Mac Safari 11, iOS11 Safari and Android 4.0 upwards.
  • Bandwidth minimum 512kbps, recommended 1 mbps upload for HD Video, maximum 1.5 mbsp.

Note: SignVideo is a free service when connected to Wi-Fi. If the client uses 3G, 4G or a data service, it will be part of their data cost.

How to contact the practice from home

Simply click on our practice SignVideo link on our Contact us page.

You will connect to the SignVideo service and a live BSL interpreter. You can sign to the interpreter your reason for ringing the practice and the interpreter will make the call for you. The interpreter will speak to the practice receptionist and sign the receptionist’s responses to you, via the live video link, and pass on your responses and questions to the receptionist

How to use the service in practice

On arrival, deaf clients can indicate to the receptionist that they wish to use this service. The client can use the SignVideo App on their device to connect to a live BSL interpreter and switch the loudspeaker on.

The client will sign the purpose of their visit to the interpreter who will then speak to the receptionist. The interpreter will sign back the receptionist’s responses. If required, this two-way communication channel can be used in the consultation room too.

Know someone who would benefit from this service? 

Our Healthy Pet Club small animal veterinary practices offer this service.  You can find a list of all the practices by logging on to the Find a Practice page on the Healthy Pet Club website.

Small Animal Veterinary Practices (dogs, cats, rabbits etc)


Click on the link to call the specific practice.  All veterinary practices have SignVideo practice links on the Contact Us page of their website.

Our Horse Health Programme equine practices also offer this service:


Referral Hospitals

The service is available at our group of referral hospitals should your vet refer. 

SignVideo and Healthy Pet Club and Horse Health Programme

Deaf clients do not need to be a member of The Healthy Pet Club (HPC) or Horse Health Programme (HHP) to access the free SignVideo service. If a client would like to learn more about HPC or HHP or if you are a member already, you can contact the The Healthy Pet Club / Horse Health Programme contact centre using the SignVideo link on their Contact us.

SignVideo Service Terms