Weight Management

Our nurses operate free "weight-clinics", where practical and realistic advice is given to help your pet get into the ideal condition.
Once we find the plan that works best for your pet, we encourage regular free clinics to have "weigh-ins" so as to check your pets progress, until he gets to the ideal body condition.
By joining our fight against obesity, you can help decrease your pet’s risk of future weight—related health issues and the medical costs associated with treating them.

Even just a little extra weight, as little as 20%, can affect the general health of pets, as well as predisposing animals to some diseases that can shorten their lives.
Such as;

Exercise intolerance
Heat intolerance
Liver disease
Respiratory distress
Heart disease
High blood pressure (hypertension)
Increased surgical risk
Weak immune system
Increased risk of developing malignant tumours
Feline lower tract disease (cats)
Decreased quality of life

Book your pet in for a FREE Weight Management Clinic and receive discount on any Metabolic diet*


*Whilst stocks last